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How to Use Beeswax Food Wraps

Little Bumble Food Storage Wraps

Why I’m Rapt with Beeswax Food Wraps I am pretty excited to have another great product to share with you— Little Bumble™ wraps. These beeutiful beeswax wraps are handmade in Gippsland, Victoria using all-natural ingredients. Ïf you are a newbie…

Breakfast with an Environmental Scientist

Environmentalist visits Warrnambool

Interview with an Environmental Scientist Embarking on a Sustainability Road Trip #SustainabilityRoadTrip Click To Tweet     The Port Fairy Folk Festival in March is a major drawcard for locals and tourists. We often have friends come to stay, keen…

Let’s Raise the Bar on Soap

Plastic free market

Do You Love Soaps? We have just arrived home after a weekend in Melbourne. It’s a long drive, and so we stopped for a welcome rest at Winchelsea around 1 pm. I was lucky to catch the last “Makers and…

What’s All This Rubbish About Plastic Bags?

Plastic Bag Facts 10,000,000 new plastic bags are used by Australians every day.* 7,150 plastic bags are estimated to be thrown away by Australians every minute. 4,290 recyclable supermarket plastic bags end up in Australian landfill every hour. 600,000 rubbish…

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